Voluntary Work in Ecuador

Zielorte :

Quito (Hauptstadt von Ecuador) und Umgebung, Galapagos Inseln, weitere Orte je nach örtlicher Verfügbarkeit eines Voluntary Projekts.

Das Volunteerprogramm besteht aus den Modulen Sprachkurs und Ihrer Tätigkeit in einem Voluntary Projekt

Sprachkurs :

Spanisch Sprachkurs : Der Spanisch Intensiv Kurs mit einem Stundenumfang von 20 Wochenstunden wird als Gruppenunterricht durchgeführt, maximale Gruppengröße : 8 Teilnehmer. Dieser Kurs ist wochenweise buchbar. Es ist auch möglich, den Sprachkurs als Einzelunterricht zu buchen. Der Sprachkurs dient der Vorbereitung auf den Einsatz als Volunteer im Anschluss an den Sprachkurs.

Wenn Sie bereits gute Spanischkenntnisse besitzen (mindestens B2 nach dem Europäischen Referenzrahmen) können Sie auch direkt mit dem Volunteer Projekt starten

Tätigkeit als Volunteer

Die Mitarbeit in einem Freiwilligenprojekt sollte mindestens 4 Wochen betragen, maximal sind 24 Wochen möglich.

Beispiele für Platzierungsbereiche für Ihren Einsatz als Volunteer :

Bildungs-/Erziehungsbereich :


The objective of this social project is to provide care and love to abandoned children in one of our orphanage house or assisting children from low-income sectors by lending a hand in one of our daycare or street kid centers. If volunteers prefer special challenges, they have the opportunity to collaborate in one of our centers for children with disabilities. If you're passionate about working with children, this is your opportunity to make a real contribution.

Tasks: As a volunteer, you will assist local staff in the day-to-day tasks of the center of your preference by providing general welfare and a loving environment, helping with feeding and food preparation, helping children with their hygiene and scholar homework, arranging recreational activities, entertaining the children and generally bringing fun and affection to the lives of these vulnerable and deprived kids.


The aim of this project is to provide general education to underserved students who face learning difficulties due to the lack in financial and human resources. This program offers a wide variety of teaching volunteer work opportunities wherein volunteers can contribute in primary as well as secondary school, depending on the eligibility and comfort level. We welcome any volunteer who has a desire to share educational knowledge with students who are eager to learn.

Tasks: As a volunteer teacher, you may either teach a class on your own or you may act as a teacher’s assistant within the classroom. Whatever skills and talents you have, you are always welcome. You may be involved in teaching subjects such as computers skills, math, English, geography, physical education and extra-curricular activities to the students depending on the need of the social welfare organization.


Sports have the powerful ability to draw people together, even from across international borders. Sport is one of those wonderful things that transcend language, culture and geography. The love for it is something most humans have in common. Our sport volunteer project is designed to give something amazing back to children and youth for whom sport is both a passion and a chance to escape the poverty.

If you can teach a sport you love (football, volleyball, basket, table tennis, etc.), please take this opportunity to share it to help underprivileged children and communities.

Tasks: Volunteers who join this project will mostly attend local schools and community sporting clubs as a sport coach. Volunteer will be providing sport and physical education sessions. As a volunteer, you will teach strategy and provide encouragement for young players while promoting healthy habits and serving as positive role model for young individuals. In short, volunteers will organize full physical activities such as fun games and sport events.

Medizinischer Bereich /Pflegebereich :


As life takes its natural course, it is inevitable that everyone will eventually grow old. Many senior citizens in Ecuador find themselves in desperate situations due to limited access to work or housing, and breakdowns in family or social bonds.

Our project is ideal for volunteers with a passion for caring and for those interested in wellbeing of the elderly. If you love volunteering at an elderly home, then you are perfect to fit on our volunteer opportunity. The main goal of this project is to provide senior citizens independence, dignity and quality of life. Volunteering in a senior community can be a very rewarding experience.

Tasks: There are various tasks that some elderly residents at the elderly homes are no longer able to perform for themselves. As a volunteer, you could be involved on providing encouragement, protection and assistance to elders with limited resources, or those facing abandonment. You will be supporting to local staff and seniors by assisting with physical activities, preparing food, socializing with seniors, playing games, small walks, healthcare service, etc.


This volunteer project is designed to provide general healthcare community service and to promote education on preventive healthcare. Medical students and qualified health professionals are very welcome as volunteers on our healthcare project where they as a volunteer can contribute directly to their area of interest such as: gynecology, pediatrician, general medicine, nursing, emergency, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, dentistry, etc. International volunteers working in this project make a genuine contribution to staff and patients collaborating within Ecuadorian medical foundations, public hospitals and healthcare community centers. Volunteers without experience but who have an interest or desire to help in the health sector can also fully participate in this volunteer project.

Tasks: Medical and healthcare volunteers joining the project will have the opportunity to be involved in a number of different tasks and assisting in daily procedures of the medical center depending on their education, skills, experience, and qualifications.

Medical students and healthcare professionals will be providing various sorts of assistance to existing doctors and nurses such as: helping with taking vital signs of patients, assisting in vaccination programs and treatments, shadowing and assisting local doctors on surgeries and operations, helping in general consultation, medical outreach work and other medical issues. Volunteers without experience will be assisting in routine patient check-up, assisting nurses with general care of patients, health and hygiene education, family planning, etc.

Because your help as a medical and healthcare is vital for those in needs, lend your skills and time. Ecuador and its community await you.

Bereich Umweltschutz/Naturschutz/Tierschutz :


Ecuador is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. Unfortunately, Ecuador has the highest rate of deforestation in South America which is why we need volunteers like you to help us on environmental conservation projects. The aim of this volunteer program is to help to preserve the fragile Ecuadorian ecosystem in rain, cloud and dry forest.

Tasks: As a conservation volunteer you could get involved in a wide variety of projects in Ecuador such as:

Tree nursery
The main task in this project are:
- Collecting tree seeds within and around the reserve
- Planting seeds and caring for seedlings (irrigation, liberation, etc.)
- Installing fences and creating nursery beds

The work to be done in this area are:
- Clearing to be reforest
- Preparing areas for planting
- Planting tress install
- Maintaining reforested by weeding, etc.

C. Education
The main goal of this project is to teach to the communities the importance of native flora and fauna, specifically how native plants can be used to increase their productivity in a sustainable way, allowing them to value their surrounding and the richness of nature.

Organic Agriculture

Volunteers at this project can participate in general activities related to agriculture such as sowing seeds, pricking, planting, weeding, pruning, compost making, harvesting, pest control and recycling organic waste among many others.

This project enables volunteers to gain a greater understanding of organic agriculture and other methods of non contaminating sustainable agriculture. There are no chemicals used at all for anything - all fertilizers are organic, and the pesticides are made of chili peppers and jalapeno peppers.


The aim of this project is to collaborate in the animal welfare with some animal rescue centres, animal sanctuaries and zoos throughout Ecuador which hosts a huge variety of animals, some of them victims of unhealthy and illegal situations, some others with birth defects or simply animals that have been born within the centres. There are many opportunities to volunteer and feel part of a group dedicated to creating a more humane world for animals. This project focuses on all aspects of animal welfare.

Tasks: If you have a passion for working with animals, you will have the opportunity of: preparing food for animals and feeding animals, taking care of animals, cleaning and repairing living areas, helping to improve facilities to create a more natural environment for the animals, administrating medicine for sick animals, monitoring the behavior of animals, etc. This involves teaching the animals how to eat, fend for themselves and other natural behaviors while monitoring their progress along the path to being re-introduced to the wild.

Bereich Infrastruktur / Technische Entwicklungshilfe :


This volunteer project in Ecuador is ideal for those interested in house building or renovation. If you are looking for a rewarding experience to provide decent housing for a family in need, then you are welcome to join us. With your help, more deserving families can have decent places to call home.

Volunteers are not required to have a construction background or experience with construction work, but a reasonable level of fitness and strong dedication is more than enough to collaborate.

Tasks: Volunteers should come ready to work and to work hard, as you’ll be laying brick, mixing sand and cement, doing carpentry, painting, repairing fences, roofs or cabins, assist and support in the construction of water pipes, toilets, etc.

Kosten für das Volunteer-Programm Ecudador

Euro 4.200,-

Leistungen : 8 Wochen Volunteering in einem der obengenannten Bereiche nach Ihren Wünschen, Hin- und Rückflug Deutschland/Schweiz/Österreich – Ecuador, Abholung bei Ankunft in Quito und Transfer zur Unterkunft, 8 Wochen Unterbringung in einem Einzelzimmer in einer ecuadorianischen Gastfamilie mit Halbpension, Ansprechpartner vor Ort während Ihres Programmaufenthaltes, Beratungs- und Betreuungsservice von One to One International

Die Preise beinhalten nicht die möglichen Kosten für etwaige Transfers innerhalb Ecuador bspw. bei Tätigkeiten in Nationalparks in anderen Landesteilen

Allgemeine Informationen zu unseren Preisen finden Sie in der identischen Preisliste für das Fachpraktikumsprogramm


Und weitere interessante Informationen zu Ecuador finden Sie unter dem Link: Infos Ecuador.

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