Voluntary Work in Costa Rica
Zielorte :

San José (Hauptstadt von Costa Rica) und Umgebung. Weitere Orte je nach örtlicher Verfügbarkeit eines Voluntary Projekts.

Das Volunteerprogramm besteht aus den Modulen Sprachkurs und Ihrer Tätigkeit in einem Voluntary Projekt

1. Sprachkurs :

Spanisch Sprachkurs : Der Spanisch Intensiv Kurs mit einem Stundenumfang von 20 Wochenstunden wird als Gruppenunterricht durchgeführt, maximale Gruppengröße : 7 Teilnehmer. Dieser Kurs ist wochenweise buchbar. Es ist auch möglich, den Sprachkurs als Einzelunterricht zu buchen. Der Sprachkurs dient der Vorbereitung auf den Einsatz als Volunteer im Anschluss an den Sprachkurs.

2. Tätigkeit als Volunteer

Beispiele für Platzierungsbereiche für Ihren Einsatz als Volunteer :

Medizinischer Bereich /Pflegebereich :

in einer Privatklinik, in der Betreuung von AIDS Patienten, im Kinderkrankenhaus, im therapeutischen Bereich, im Bereich der Betreuung älterer Leute aus sozial benachteiligten Schichten.

Folgend Beispiele für solche Projekte :

1. Health projects of Costa Rica volunteer program offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers/students to familiarize themselves with the challenges and health issues of Costa Rica. Such volunteer work ranges from observation to assistance. Depending on their level of knowledge, experience, and skills, Costa Rica volunteers will take care of patients, make beds, change sheets, check blood pressure, distribute food and medicine, weigh babies, and help with other first aid procedures. Moreover, many hospitals, local clinics, and EBAIS (little clinics in almost each community) in Costa Rica run different programs on health education, basic prevention, nutrition, and sanitation; volunteers might be asked to help in these areas, as well.

2. You can also work for a Private Care Facility for HIV Positive patients. Volunteers can choose if they live there (room for just one), or live with families near the project and help during the day.

3. Another option is working in a charity organisation, there you can help them with the same activities described above, and also with office jobs. The Elder People Care Centers of Costa Rica, like those in other developing nations, need help and love. People in these centers need courage to maintain a peaceful life. In conjunction with local organizations of Costa Rica, our program provides opportunity to international volunteers to work with the most deprived and underprivileged old people and make a profound difference in their lives. Medical volunteers need to have some proof of qualification as a health professional, medical student, or nurse.

Bildungs-/Erziehungsbereich :

in einer High School, einem Kindergarten, in einer Vorschule für Kinder aus Armenvierteln, einer Schule für behinderte Kinder, in Sportvereinen.

Ein Projektbeispiel :

Being Costa Rica a tourist destination, Costa Rican young people attending high schools, really need to learn how to speak English and it is here where they need help from volunteers in order to receive better education. Sometimes, some High School Institutions, normally far from main cities or provinces, do not have an English Teacher, and they are eager to have one. In the Costa Rica Teaching English to High School Students Program volunteers will contribute with their time and energy to work with teenagers. Volunteers will be teaching Basic English to teens. Sometimes additional help with games, drawing, and other creative activities will be needed. In each class, there will be about 35 students and very scant resources; theses students lack pens, pencils, paper, etc. Consequently, the volunteer needs to possess creative skills to compensate for the lack of materials. Volunteers for this placement must be highly motivated “self-starters” who are able to work independently. Working with teenagers in Costa Rica volunteer program gives you an opportunity to share your love and skills while exploring the cultural and natural wonder of Costa Rica

Sozialer Bereich / Soziale Fürsorge :

in einer Verpflegungs- und Betreuungsstelle für sozial benachteiligte Kinder, in einem Frauenhaus,in einem Waisenhaus, im Bereich der sozialen Betreuung von Straßenkindern, in einem, in einem Beratungs- und Betreuungszentrum für sozial benachteiligte Personen aus Problemwohnvierteln.

Folgend zwei Projektbeispiele :

1. Child Care. Children at Risk and Orphans projects in Costa Rica aim to help children who live in poverty conditions or risky places or neighborhoods and give them love, care, and education. You will use your skills and love to help these neglected kids become good citizens and productive members of society. In the morning, you will help the children get ready for school. In the afternoons, you can help them with their English, dancing, drawing, and other creative activities. In the evenings, you will help them do their homework, organize arts and crafts activities, and teach them social skills. By working with destitute kids, you will help shape the future of young people who otherwise would face serious struggles. You can work with them in community centers, orphanages, churches, etc.

2. Women. As a matter of fact, Domestic Violence in Latin America is one of the biggest problems affecting this part of the world. And Costa Rica is not apart of this cruel reality. For those reason the Volunteer Costa Rica Program, Working with Gender Issues, offers the volunteers the opportunity to change this problem a little bit or a lot.

You will have the opportunity to work in 4 different and challenging projects, such as:

- Woman’s Integral Restoration.

- Tenderness. (Working with young mothers)

- Complete Family. (Working with couples or families)

- Men with own domain. (Male Issues)

-Volunteers here will have to work, teaching the participants of the Association, different topics such us: - Handcraft, - Self-esteem, - Empowerment, etc.

Bereich Umweltschutz/Naturschutz :

in Nationalparks, im Zoo, in Tierheimen, im Bereich Umwelterziehung.

Folgend vier Beispiele für Voluntary Work-Projekte :

1. National Parks.

Like those of other developing countries, the local people of Costa Rica also need help understanding the importance of nature and its preservation. Safeguarding the wonderful natural features of Costa Rica is only possible if conservation work starts at the grass roots level. In Costa Rica volunteer projects, volunteers work for a project-dedicated do several different jobs in 4 Protected Areas. You can choose one of them.
This eco-tourism project focuses on local cultures, wilderness adventures, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on our vulnerable planet. Volunteering for this project involves helping to minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment and enhance the cultural integrity of the local people. Our goal is to teach people and enable them to enjoy and learn about the natural, historical, and cultural characteristics of unique environments while preserving the integrity of those sites and stimulating the economic development opportunities in local communities. As conservation volunteers in Costa Rica, you will upgrade the existing facilities and help develop creative eco-tourism related projects. Work includes gardening around lodges, making signs for the already existing trails, helping with the construction of different infrastructure needed in the parks, and participating in related project jobs.

2. Zoos & Animal Care Centers.

A wonderful zoo in the Northern of Costa Rica needs volunteers to help them with the daily tasks. Biologists, vets, and other volunteers are welcomed to this beautiful place where you can see wonderful tropical animals from the area, but also some animals from other latitudes. A lot of work, a lot of help is required.

3. Turtle Conservation.

Working with the turtles is a brilliant and unforgettable experience, and Costa Rica really needs volunteer help. Conservation volunteers can work on a project intended to protect the Lora Turtle's nesting population on one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches. The program has aimed to protect the nests from human poachers and, more recently, from the erosion of the beach. And also to work with the Communal Association to extract and commerce the eggs according to a regulation plan proposed by Costa Rica’s Environmental Ministry. The nesting season of the Lora turtle runs from May to December, but it goes all around the year, getting its higher peak at December each year (In December 2002, about 1.200.000 arrived to the beach in the nestling week). Each season, the Costa Rica turtle conservation project recruits volunteers to help in the research and conservation work, such as night patrolling, working in the hatcheries, collecting eggs, and rescuing turtles. During this time, the volunteer will have a chance to work directly with turtles, taking carapace and nest-dimension measurements, collecting eggs, and tagging the rear flipper of the turtles.

4. Education.

Once again because Costa Rica is a tourist destination, Costa Rican young people attending primary and high schools need to learn about the importance of the natural treasure that the country is. Also they need to understand how if they keep clean the rivers, beaches, neighborhoods, and the country in general, that is going to result in a favorable consequence for the country itself. And it is here where volunteers help developing programs in order to make kids and teenagers conscious about the importance of these matters for a touristic country. Volunteers that want to work in this program need to possess creative skills, must be highly motivated “self-starters” who are able to work independently.

Kosten für das Volunteer-Programm Costa Rica

2 Wochen Spanisch Intensiv Sprachkurs und anschliessender 6-wöchiger Volunteer-Aufenthalt

Euro 4.570,-

Leistungen : Platzierung in einem der oben genannten Volunteer-Bereiche nach Ihren Vorgaben, 2-wöchiger Spanisch Intensiv-Sprachkurs, Hin- und Rückflug Deutschland/Schweiz/Österreich – Costa Rica, Abholung bei Ankunft in San José, 8 Wochen Unterbringung in einem Einzelzimmer in einer costaricanischen Gastfamilie mit Halbpension, Ansprechpartner vor Ort während Ihres Programmaufenthaltes, Beratungs- und Betreuungsservice von One to One International

Verlängerungskosten pro Woche :

Ø für den Intensiv Spanisch Sprachkurs inkl. Unterbringung in Einzelzimmer in einer costaricanischen Gastfamilie mit Halbpension : Euro 410,-

Ø für den Volunteeraufenthalt inkl. Unterbringung in Einzelzimmer in einer costaricanischen Gastfamilie mit Halbpension : Euro 170,-

* die Preise beinhalten nicht die möglichen Kosten für etwaige Transfers innerhalb Costa Ricas bspw. bei Tätigkeiten in Nationalparks in anderen Landesteilen

Weitere interessante Informationen zu Costa Rica finden Sie unter folgendem Link: Infos Costa Rica.

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